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STEP 1: Style your hair as normal. Lightly sprinkle on areas of hair where thicker hair or volume is needed. Gently blend the fibres with your fingers.

STEP 2: If you are mixing different shades for a natural finish, use the darker colour first as a base, and then use the lighter colour fibres to touch up.

STEP 3: For best results and to waterproof the style use our Hair Fibre Locking Spray. For a secure hold, hold the bottle 10cm from your hair and spray four to eight times.

STEP 4: Remember less is more! Start gently and build layers of fibres until desired volume is achieved. Simply wash out with shampoo.
Can I use heated appliances on hair styled with Nanogen’s Keratin Hair Fibres?
We recommend that you style your hair with heated appliances before adding volume with our Keratin Hair Fibres.

Where does your 100% natural keratin come from?
Now that would be telling... Our dedicated team of scientists have been working on our award winning formulas for over ten years and our 100% natural Keratin formula is a closely guarded secret.

Do you test on animals?
Nanogen are against animal testing and no finished Nanogen products are tested on animals.

Do your products contain parabens?
While we do not believe parabens are harmful, we understand that some people are concerned about using them. Therefore, our entire product range is paraben free

Product Description

Nanogen’s 100% natural Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. These hair thickening fibres, can be applied easily to conceal any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds

  • Transform thinning or fine hair in just 30 seconds.
  • Instant looking coverage and thickness
  • Colour lock technology means there will be no staining to your skin or clothing
  • Made from 100% natural keratin / contains no parabens: perfect for men and women who have sensitive scalps and those wanting a natural finish
  • 400%* better binding of the fibres to each hair strand than leading competitors
  • Nanogen’s hair fibers will not clog your scalp and is safe to use when using Minoxidil or any other topical treatment
  • Can be used in conjunction with all of Nanogen products
  • Removes easily with shampoo
  • Dermatologically tested for sensitive scalps
  • Trust in Nanogen: first to bring keratin hair fibers to the UK, with over ten years expertise
With Nanogen, you can get your confidence back.
Nanogen’s thickening Keratin Hair Fibres are the perfect way to add volume and thickness to fine or thinning hair. The fibres can be applied easily to conceal and thicken any areas of hair thinning or scalp show through in seconds. Alternatively, use as a secret styling tool to boost roots, to create the perfect hairstyle, to hide hair extension clips or wide partings.

Our revolutionary Hair Fibers are made from high quality, 100% natural keratin; a fibrous protein found in hair strands. Available in ten natural shades, they merge perfectly with your own hair using an electrostatic charge to give instant, natural and durable hair thickness and coverage, which lasts all day! We use colour lock technology - use with confidence, our fibres won’t stain.

The Science of Thicker Hair
What makes Nanogen Keratin Hair Fibres unique? Our Hair Fibre jar generates an electrostatic charge in the keratin fibres via the patented Kinetic™ strip allowing for 400%* better binding of the fibres to each hair strand than leading competitors.
*Proven in an independent study carried out by the University of Southampton.
Nanogen fibres change the keratin to create a dipolar charge. This means one end of the fibre is positive, and the other end is negative. So it doesn’t matter where on your hair the fibre falls, they will blend seamlessly with your own natural hair. Nanogen's dipolar coating is unique, and only dipolar fibres bind perfectly every single time!

Finish with Nanogen’s Hair Fibre Locking Spray, created specifically not to affect penetration of Minoxidil or any other topical treatment. Additionally, use Nanogen’s treatment cleansing range to easily break down and remove the hair thickening fibres in your next wash.

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